Building a Backyard Railroad -- page 7
August 13th

Now there are rails on the southeast corner of the loop.
This area was hard won because of the amount of fill
needed to bring the rail out of the swamp.

Continue around the bend

We come to the current end-of-track on the extreme east
end of the longest tangent on the line. This section of
straight track will be over 130 feet long.

Now we see straight sections all around. We will need 16
of these. Today, track panels are delivered by rail.

Looking back at the current end-of-track on the east end.
I have gone from having to fill to having to dig trenches.

This complex set of curves is somewhat artistic. But it was
necessary to save as many trees as I could.

This is the wheelbarrow road. It connects the fill pit to
the north side of the loop.

The power cord you see in the trees provides electric power
for the construction. After 300 feet of wire, there really
isn't enough power left to do much of anything.

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