Building a Backyard Railroad -- page 18
October 26, 2004

Here's the work area in the late afternoon mid-autumn sun. Days are
getting colder, and sunny days are becoming much less frequent.

The middle of three yard tracks reaches the front door of the car barn.

The barn floor is built on ten concrete pilings.

The barn will hold up to nine cars without stacking.

November 5th

Now the walls and roof trusses are up. Next to do: Add
hangers, tie in ridge, and install roof and walls.

This building is actually two smaller buildings, joined in
only a very small way.

This is metal roofing. Rather expensive and somewhat difficult to cut.

Days are getting shorter. I am now taking every Friday off work
to try to use some vacation hours and get some of my projects done.

The first yard switch is mostly complete.

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