Building a Backyard Railroad -- page 16
October 24th

I had to go to Texas for a week. It sure is nice to be home.

Now the west end finally fits the west bend.

Approaching the new bridge.

And the Timson Creek Trestle now has rails.
Prevalent vegitation in this area is Equisetum Hyemale (or horsetails)
as seen on the right of  this photo. It is a native plant that can be
found in any of the United States. Early americans called them "scouring
rushes" because of its silica content and subsequent abrasive qualities.

The line makes a nice curve on the west end.

And heads up the valley by the west fork.

Continuing south along the rock wall.

Looking back down the grade.

A nice fall view from near the radius center.

Railroad? Where? What railroad?

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