Building a Backyard Railroad -- page 12
September 8th

Approaching the Construction Zone. Notice the "chalk line"
string used as a centerline reference for the track. Here
it is shown, pushed out of the way to permit construction.

Looking west down the long tangent. The track is as straight
as the string, which is not very straight. At a distance of
130 feet, the slightest breeze bends the string.

And another view looking west.

Photos from 9/9/3

There's some activity on the west end after months
of silence. Part of the gravel pit is being filled
in to allow the track to pass over.

Once over the pit, the track has to cross over a bog.
This is where I'm going to need help with the fill.

The path the southwest corner will take has been chosen.
It was mostly determined by tree avoidance. I had to move
the grade from the original to keep the west radius at 40
feet. The original grade is to the left of the trees.

A couple of precise fitter sections will be needed.

Then the loop joins the long straight of the south side.

Here you see it joining up with the long tangent.

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