Gravel Spur & Northern continued
November 26th, 2006

Trestle Bents are in place.


The bents for the tall trestle are now completed. I need to add bracing,
but can do that at the same time the deck panels are installed.

This is a very wet place. I used the old palette from the last
rail order as a scaffold, I had a relative dry place to work.

These piles were driven into the mud. Some were (un)lucky enough
to hit a rock shelf and had to be cut off, but most never hit anything
solid, so were driven to the right height.

This entire area is bogland. Plus we had been getting lots of rain. What's more, it's late
November, and I had to get the bridge supports driven in before the ground freezes for the winter.
The last bent ended up squarely in the gravel pile. The next load of rock
will bury the end of the bridge. But I won't need to worry about running off the end.

At long last. The gravel pile is within reach.

And some nice berries.
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